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    IK、KU-type ball-type activities
    PUTAI Machinery   Time:2009-06-30

    IK、UKtype ball-type activities
    1, at right angles to the direction of conversion. The weight of objects can be moved to send the ball down and type. Not only can rotate 180 degrees, but also at right angles (90 degrees) the direction of conversion, the products are very easy to use. On the weight of the moving objects is also good to use to send, for example, 1000 kilograms of things as long as 15 kilograms of force. The main purpose is to move the weight of objects, the direction of trolley conversion. In addition, a computer room for more sensitive functions of the earthquake environment.
    2, the installation of a simple
    3, the use of four IK51、UK51 can load 1,000 kg, the hardness of the direction of orbit around HTC55 before moving resistance of about 15 kg of material is SS is 2 times higher than the above.

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